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Bishop Trobec


On December 8th, 1901, a then Fr. James Trobec, came to St. Stephen Church from St. Anthony Church in Kraintown.

A month after arriving, Fr. Trobec was already setting aside donations for a new church due to the increase of parishioners.  In April 1903, the plans and specifications were completed and the excavation was begun.  He served the St. Stephen Parish for six years.


On October 26th, 1904, the new church was blessed and dedicated by the Most Rev. James Tobec, Bishop of St. Cloud.


Bishop Trobec made his home in St. Stephen upon his retirement on April 15, 1914.  He took residence in the Parish House, with his two sisters, Mary and Mary Ann, who kept house for him.

For several years after retirement, Bishop Trobec continued to engage in Episcopal work for the Diocese, St. Stephen Parish, and instruction of the children.

He passed on December 14, 1921, quietly at his home.  His last request was to be buried among his countrymen in St. Stephen's Parish Cemetery.

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